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ICMAS Medical Tourism

The International Centre for Minimal Access Surgery (ICMAS) in Nairobi, Kenya, is a state-of-the-art Centre specialising in Minimal Access Surgery.

ICMAS was established in January 2011 with the aim of providing safe, high-tech, ultramodern and advanced minimally invasive surgery for advanced procedures. The facility has a complete range of laparoscopic equipment that is required for such highly specialized surgery. These include several complete High Definition medical grade monitors and cameras on boom arms that are suspended from the ceiling, the Ligasure, the Harmonic Scalpel, the PK Gyrus and a wide range of high precision instruments. These instruments when used in trained hands enable surgical procedures to be undertaken safely and limit the blood loss during surgery. It is for this reason the majority of patients undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery do not require blood transfusions and also recover much faster from their surgical procedures.

At ICMAS, an informed consent that is detailed is mandatory.Extreme patient care is our key priority.Our team of highly skilled Surgeons, nurses and support staff are always ready to answer any questions. Our service promise is to ensure that we provide a suitable choice or option to our patient before undertaking any procedure. Our day care wards are equipped with adequate monitoring equipment, spaces for privacy and calling services to ensure that our patients are being constantly monitored and attended to for quick recovery. Our efforts in training the best personnel in minimal access surgery in Africa is to ensure that all patients receive professional, personalised and perfect care throughout the Continent.

ICMAS offers a special training package to Doctors and medical support staff who would like to have hands on experience on Laparoscopic Surgery while enjoying the beauty Kenya beholds.

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International Centre for Minimal Access Surgery
1st Floor Parklands Mediplaza, 3rd Avenue Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya
020-3749020/40 OR 0733626260

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